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After years of discussion, the Naturists from Western Russian Naturist Organizations and the Russian Green Party collaborated with the Producers of the RussianBare™ Naturist Video Series to produce these videos.   Providing a unique first time glimpse into the activities of this historical and famous group, the producers set out to deliver the enchanting idyllic experience of Russian Naturism to a world wondering.   Take a nudist sailing adventure, explore a private Naturist island, celebrate the ancient Naturist festivals and rituals, learn the history dating back 2,000 years, go bareback horseback riding, swim nude in a secluded lake, build bridges with fellow Naturists in the Russian Forest......

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sailweb22.jpg (21661 bytes) Warm weather and smooth seas prompt three Russian nudist families to take a day's vacation, sailing to a private naturist island and exploring the island's ruins.   Filmed on high resolution digital video cameras creating beautiful and vivid scenery.

1 hour Video $50.00

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Land Ahoy!  Get a pirates welcome to this Naturist Isle hideaway.  Exploring the islands Castle, caves and sunning on the beach make for an exhilarating adventure.

1 hour Video $50.00



Volley ball, rafting, and group picnics make for a fun day at the beach.

1 hour Video $50.00


A fun day at the beach with a new giant size beach ball as well as interviews with the Naturists.

1 hour Video $50.00


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bridges16.jpg (19211 bytes) Enjoy a day of building bridges Naturist style. The naturist teen girls from the Holy Nature team renovate the nature trail leading out to Karellian Lakes. At the end of the day the afternoon sun is perfect for practicing nude photography around the picturesque lake.  Filmed on digital video.

1 hour Video $50.00

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Summer in St. Petersburg is a brief and eagerly anticipated time of the year for local Naturists.   After 9-10 months of summer cold this group celebrates summer nudist style at a local lake and its island.    They swim, boat, camp, cook and celebrate the short summer ('white') nights around a bonfire. Filmed on digital video.

approx. 1 hour Video $50.00

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A beautiful summer day, provides a glorious day of nudist camping by the lake.   Chopping wood, gathering water at the well, rowing and nude swimming in the lake, and enjoying some outdoor cooked dinner make for an idyllic retreat.  Filmed on high resolution digital cameras.

approx. 1 hour Video $50.00

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In the summer of 1999, a group of Naturists decided to enjoy the warm outdoors on horseback in the Russian country.    The young Naturists took turns preparing the horses and then went out for short rides in the fields while naturist family and friends picnicked.  Filmed on high resolution digital cameras.

approx. 1 hour Video $50.00

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"The Night of Love"


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29 copy.jpg (18690 bytes) This night long celebration centers around a bonfire with plenty of food and dancing. An ancient Pagan tradition designed to improve crop fertility is enjoyed these days by many Russians as a cultural link to their past. Thanks toRussia's infamous 'White Nights', celebrants only have a couple of dark hours to bask in the glow of the fire. The sun never really sets this time of year in St. Petersburg.

approx. 1 hour Video $50.00

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"The Morning after Ivan Kupala"


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15 copy.jpg (22374 bytes) Ivana Kupala celebrants enjoy another naked day in nature around Karelian Lake. Then it's back to the beach for horse back riding some interviews with Mikhail and some sun.

approx. 1 hour Video $50.00

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"Interviews and Fun on the Beach"


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25 copy.jpg (13250 bytes) The Russians greet Daniel Ramirez, our videographer, with typical American 4th of July activities. Mikhail also interviews key people in the Naturist movement (President of the local Green Party top left and 'The Healer' bottom left.)

approx. 1 hour Video $50.00

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"Summer of '98"


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04 copy.jpg (19010 bytes) In St. Petersburg, Russia this beach attracts Naturists by the hundreds in Summer. The water actually gets warm enough for swimming (skinny dipping) (remarkable given that the climate here is the same as the climate in Anchorage, Alaska.)

approx. 1 hour Video $50.00

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holycvr.jpg (33592 bytes)holy1.jpg (54586 bytes)Holy Nature: The Book
A Celebration of Naturism in Today's Russia

This well written book presents a group of people,  in St. Petersburg (former Leningrad), Russia,  who call themselves 'The Free Body Culture Society'.  Filled with large color photographs of the men, women and children who make up this 'Society', this book brings the unique group to life for the reader.   Concerned with the health of their environment, the Free Body Culture Society Members are also the founders of the Russian Green Party.   They spend their social time enjoying ancient 'Rus' festivals, sunny days at the beach and Russia's famous 'white nights' around the bonfire.  Some events photographed in this book include: 3 females in the country, Children's Day at the beach, Ivana Kupala (The Night of Love), and a Naturist Wedding.  As well, their are interviews of the photographer, Mikhail Rusinov, and child naturist, Alla.

Color, Glossy, 120 pages  $29.95

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